A Toy Story

Thank you to Jenna Fox, 13, Cara Curtin, 14 and Gianna Eglauf, 13 who recently came to the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center bearing bags and bags of puzzles, bug catchers, Playdoh and lots of other goodies. 

Jenna, whose sister Taylor is a patient at the Berrie Center, knows that choosing a toy after a visit with the pediatric diabetes team is a Berrie Center tradition. So she and her friends sponsored a toy drive at the Westlake Middle School in Thornwood, NY where they are students. 

The girls arranged the entire drive themselves for a community service project—they marketed the event by putting posters up around the school and they asked the Principal of Westlake to mention it in the school’s Friday Flyer. They were motivated “to make kids happy,” after their appointments, said Cara. Mission accomplished! The Westlake Middle School Toy drive was a huge success.

Guaranteed to make a child happy, you too can participate in your own toy drive by visiting our pre-approved  "Wish List"  Of toys. For your convenience, have your selections sent directly to the Berrie Center. We have a bustling pediatric practice that sees many patients on a daily basis, and we’re always grateful for toy donations.

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