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There’s always something going on here at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center. Promising research. Special events. Success stories from our patients and their families. Stop by often to see the latest.

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1000 Schoolchildren on Long Island

Jump Rope for the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center

This year, the 8th annual Munsey Park Elementary School jump-a-thon raised money for the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center—thanks to two dedicated mothers (Sandra Tauckus and Debbie Colalillo)

Artist Rachel Feinstein’s Redesign of a Classic Fendi Handbag

Fetches Top Dollar for the Berrie Center in Unique Online Auction

“Fendi has somehow made diabetes look glamorous,” said the artist Rachel Feinstein at a recent, private party she hosted for the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at the haute Italian label’s new flagship store on Madison Avenue.

Teens Tour Berrie Center Research Labs

Led by Dr. Rudy Leibel

For a group of local teens, a private tour of the Berrie Center lab led by Dr. Rudy Leibel, MD, Christopher J. Murphy Professor of Diabetes Research was an eye-opening experience into the world of science.

Roxanne Dutia, 2014 Berrie Fellow, Wins Young Investigator Award

For Research On Beta-Cell Function After Weight Loss Surgery

Congratulations to Roxanne Dutia, PhD, one of six recipients of the inaugural Samuel Bard Young Investigator Award, presented by Columbia University’s Department of Medicine based on an abstract of her research on beta-cell function after weight loss surgery. 


Scientists at Berrie Center and NYSCF

Create Patient Specific Neurons that Regulate Appetite

Researchers have for the first time successfully converted adult human skin cells into neurons that regulate appetite, providing a patient-specific model for studying the neurophysiology of weight control.

A Diabetes Supply Case

Inspires a Book of Photography

In what do you carry your diabetes supplies? Lisette Ranga, a patient at the Berrie Center and the Technology Awareness Manager at company in New York, found a case that became such an integral part of her life, she gave it its own name—“Moxylash”.