Berrie Center Pediatric Program

Children with diabetes are very special to us. We see more than 3,000 of them. They need special care—and at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center they get it.

The Berrie Center has one of the largest pediatric diabetes programs. We manage one of the largest numbers of patients with adolescent-onset Type 2 diabetes and one of the largest insulin pump programs in the country.

Schedule Your Appointment

To make an appointment you can schedule an appointment online through Connect, or call:

Schedule Online212-851-5494

Appointment FAQ

What kind of visit is right for me?

We recommend that some of your visits be in-person every year. For now, many patients may want to alternate in-person visits with virtual visits. Talk to your diabetes team to determine what is best for you. We anticipate telemedicine is here to stay but will keep you posted if regulations change.

Is it safe to come to the office?
Yes! Wearing masks and social distancing in the office will help keep us all safe. 

What should I do to prepare for my in-person or virtual visit?
FOR ALL VISITS - either in person or virtual - download your pump and CGM data the day before your visit.
This will allow for a much smoother and efficient check-in process and allow for distancing in the lab.
If you do not know how to download, please reach out to our staff or find additional information below.


Policies & Procedures

On this page you will find a general introduction to office and what you can expect as a patient. Consider this to be your first stop for basic information such as how to make an appointment, how and when to call your doctor, what to do in case of an emergency, how to request a new prescription and/or a refill, and more. 

View Our Policies and Procedures

Essential Forms for Diabetes Management

Essential forms include school regimen forms, camp regimen forms, blood sugars logs, food logs and other forms used for diabetes management.  Please leave plenty of time when submitting a form to us, urgent requests cannot always be accommodated. 

Injection Logs.pdf

Updated Fillable Parent Request for School Orders 2021-2022 updated.pdf

Fillable Parent Request for 2021 Summer Camp Forms.pdf

View All Patient Forms

Diabetes Technology

Use of technology is a large part of diabetes management. This section has information on implementation and use of pumps, sensors and other equipment necessary for diabetes management. Also, check here to learn what to do when if and when your pump breaks. For detailed questions or issues regarding the products listed in this section, please contact the manufacturer.

Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitor Uploading Guide 6.14.2021_v1.pdf

My Insulin Pump Broke.pdf

Sick Days

Understanding what to do on sick days is a very important part of diabetes management. Minor illnesses, such as the flu and upset stomach, often change the body’s need for insulin.  As a result, the blood glucose may rise much higher than usual, or it may be lower than target. 

High blood sugars during illness can lead to dehydration because they cause frequent urination at a time when you are least inclined to drink large amounts of fluid.  Illness can also lead to diabetic ketoacidosis through a build-up of ketones (acetone) in the blood and urine. Information on this page will teach what to do during those situations.

Learn More About Sick Days


Preparation is key when traveling with diabetes. It is important to obtain a travel letter from the Berrie Center and keep it handy at all times. Keep a record of all medication and settings, and have plenty of extra supplies on hand. This page will help you with everything from trip preparation to everything you need to think about during your trip.

Learn More About Traveling with Diabetes

Art Therapy & Outreach

Feeling alone and or experiencing diabetes burn out? Need an outlet to express yourself?

Patients can explore the relationship between mind and body in a session with art therapist Cara Lampron, MPS, LCAT-lp, who heads up the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center’s art therapy program. Patients can schedule a one-on-one session with Cara or opt to participate in a group session. The schedule of group sessions are listed under the Berrie Center events page. To make an appointment with Cara please call: 212-851-5494

Outreach Program

Berrie Center patients and families provide enormous comfort and knowledge about the day-to-day experience of successfully incorporating diabetes into their lives. The Berrie Center Outreach Program aims to foster a sense of community and support that extends beyond the walls of the office. Patients or family members who are interested in connecting with others who are affected by T1D; or serving as a mentor to someone who is newly diagnosed, are encouraged to email the Berrie Center Outreach Coordinator for more information.
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