The Berrie Center Transition Program

The shift from child-centered to adult healthcare can be a challenge for young people with diabetes and their families. Many patients graduating from pediatric care would receive no care at all until some adult problem, such as pregnancy or a complication, forced them into the adult healthcare system. At the Berrie Center, our goal is never to have this happen.

The Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center has a special transition program for teens and young adults with diabetes, and their families, coordinated by a nurse practitioner specializing in this age group.

A rite of passage—making the shift to adult care

We help teens and young adults to take over the responsibility for their own diabetes self-care, depending on when each individual patient is ready. We understand the big changes in a young adult’s life: moving away from home, going to college and starting a job. With these new demands, fitting in time for going solo with their diabetes management can seem daunting. But with time, the patient’s focus often shifts more toward relationships and settling into lifelong health behaviors.

The Berrie Center Transition Team

All teens and young adults are referred to the Transition Team. The team acts as the bridge from the pediatric to the adult care teams before and after the transition. Teens and young adults are seen individually, in groups, and communicate by email and online.

Transition patients get to stay involved with the Berrie Center community by mentoring younger children or becoming camp counselors at our summer day camp program.