Diabetes Technology

To make the most of your visit to the Berrie Center, please arrive 15 minutes early. In preparation for your appointment please upload your insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (CGM) information at home (as applicable). Click on the links below for instructions on how to access your personal diabetes management data at home.


Click here to learn how to set up and upload your device on a personal computer. For additional questions on uploading through CareLink, call the Medtronic help line at 1-800-646-4633, option 1. This software is used for patients on a Medtronic pump.


Click here to learn how to connect your Dexcom receiver to upload and view glucose data and save, print or email reports from home. To begin you will need to create a Dexcom account. To share your data directly with the Berrie Center, first request an invitation directly from your diabetes educator. Next, log in to Dexcom Clarity to begin the sharing process. This software is used for patients on a Dexcom CGM.


Click here to learn about Glooko uploading at home. Once your pump/CGM information is uploaded you can share data with the Berrie Center by following a few simple steps. First, turn on the Glooko ProConenct Portal on your mobile phone. Next, open the Glooko mobile app. Go to Setttings > Account > add ProConnect code "naomiberrie". Then, tell your Berrie Center physician or diabetes educator that you uploaded to Glooko. For technical support contact the Glooko customer service line at 1-800-206-6601 or text Glooko at 650-720-5310 for faster service. This software is used for patients on an OmniPod.

DASH Glooko Cloud Instructions
Classic Glooko Instructions


Click here to upload data from your Tandem pump and supported glucose meters using a standard USB connection. For technical support contact Tandem Diabetes at 1-877-801-6901.

Berrie Center Pump and CGM Uploading Guide

Required Supplies for Uploading Diabetes Devices

Connect Tip Sheets in English and Spanish

Connect is your patient portal, offering you personalized and secure online access to view portions of your medical records and manage your healthcare. Connect is a single portal for Columbia University Irving Medical Center, NewYork-Presbyterian, and Weill Cornell Medicine. It replaces Columbia University Irving Medical Centers’ FollowMyHealth and NewYork-Presbyterian’s MyNYP.

Through Connect, you have access to:

  • Test results
  • Online appointments
  • Online bill payment
  • Simpler communication with your provider’s office
  • A record of all appointments, emergency room visits, and inpatient stays
  • After-visit summaries
  • Telehealth services, including follow up video visits and urgent care on demand

Please visit https://www.myconnectnyc.org/newuser/ to sign up.

Creating MyChart Account: Spanish Version
Create MyChart Account: English Version
How to Launch a Video Visit: Spanish Version
How to Launch a Video Visit
MyChart Features