Berrie Center Emerging Leaders


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Berrie Center Emerging Leaders are men and women in the early stages of their professional careers who are passionate about advancing the Berrie Center’s mission to treat and cure diabetes. 

Committee members work on behalf of the Center to increase awareness about its mission and to raise funds that fuel the Center’s diabetes research, care, outreach and education programs. Through peer-to-peer fundraising events, social media advocacy, network building and other means, the Emerging Leaders committee accomplishes its goals and builds a community of young professionals who aspire to become Berrie Center Leadership Council members later in their careers.

Emerging Leaders have firsthand access to the Berrie Center’s scientists and physicians, receive regular updates on the status of the most promising basic and clinical research projects that are leading to cures, and receive behind-the-scenes tours of the Berrie Center’s laboratories. 

Members attend regular committee meetings, participate in Berrie Center events, and host an annual Emerging Leaders summit. Committee membership involves a time commitment and an agreement to bring resources to the table for the Berrie Center that will strengthen its ability to deliver on its promise to provide the care and the cure. The Emerging Leaders committee reports to the Berrie Center Leadership Council.

To learn more about becoming a Berrie Center Emerging Leader please contact Melissa DeCesare at