May 31

Taking Diabetes to College Workshop

Patient and Family

This workshop is designed for high school seniors to plan for college. They will learn about diabetes management while away from home; drug, alcohol and sex safety; adjusting to college life and peers, and more. There will be a question and answer session with current college students who have diabetes. Students must be Berrie Center patients to attend. While this workshop is taking place, all parents of atteendes are invited to join in a group conversation with a Berrie Center physician.

May 24

May 8

Exercising with type 1 diabetes: Tips and Tricks for athletes of all ages

Patient and Family

This workshop will help people with type 1 to identify blood sugar patterns in response to exercise, learn how to manage blood sugar before, during, and after exercise; learn about the impact of different foods and drinks before and during exercise; and learn how to make insulin dose adjustments to manage blood sugar changes due to exercise. This workshop is for athletes of all ages and abilites! This is open to all Berrie Center patients.

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May 3

May 2