How You Can Help

The Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center research program has been very successful in getting grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). And our clinical care program keeps growing as the amount and sources of our funds grow. However, funds from both the NIH and the insurers aren’t even close to enough to allow us to keep expanding our activities to match our vision. It takes constant support from all our friends to do that.

We’ll keep applying for and receiving support from the NIH as well as foundations, industry, and the insurers of patients in our care, as well as our Medical School and our Hospital; but support from you can make an all-important difference to our success.

Give to help wherever we need help the most

The best way for you to give is in the form of an unrestricted gift. These are used to support both our clinical and research programs. 50% of the funds go to support the clinical care of uninsured children and adults with diabetes. 50% are dedicated to the basic and translational research programs we all hope and believe will ultimately find the cure for diabetes.

Give to help a special cause:

  • Support for young faculty
  • Recruiting and keeping our faculty
  • Endowments for professorships, clinical and research programs
  • Our children’s diabetes programs including child life, camp programs, and care for underinsured and uninsured patients
  • Our diabetes stem cell research program
  • Our adult diabetes care programs
  • Community outreach and professional education programs
  • Research and clinical equipment fund
  • Translational diabetes research fund
  • Basic science relating to the causes and treatments of diabetes
  • Basic science of body weight regulation

Make a Gift Online Now 

Make a Gift by Check

Please make your check out to the “Trustees of Columbia University” and include a note that says your gift is to be used to support the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center (please let us know if you would like to support a specific Berrie center program or project).  

Please send your check to: 

Columbia University—Gift Systems

P.O. Box 1523

New York, NY  10008

If sending a check by FedEx, UPS, or similar courier, use this address:


711 Executive Blvd.  Suite H

Batching Department—1523 

Valley Cottage, NY  10989