Art Therapy:
Not for Kids Only

Feeling alone and tired of diabetes? Need an outlet to express yourself? You can explore the relationship between mind and body in a session with art therapist Cara Lampron, MPS, LCAT-lp, who heads up the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center’s art therapy program. Cara, who pays a pivotal part in the pediatric patient program, is here to say that art therapy is not for kids only—which is why she is offering her talents to the adult population at the Berrie Center.

Said Cara, “This is not about teaching you how to draw or paint. This is about taking the feelings and thoughts you have inside to the outside, and then organizing them in a way that makes sense. Your art may come out looking messy, but maybe you’re feeling a little messy inside. We always look at your art as a reflection of your inner world.”

Unlike children, according to Cara, adults can be reluctant participators to the process of art therapy—although they are equal beneficiaries of the results. Often, adults need “art directives”, or prompts, to get started in art therapy (which she defines as a combination of visual as well as verbal processing) whereas children, by definition, are more playful. More than anything else, said Cara, “it’s about the participant being open to trying it. That’s all I ask.”

For children and adults alike, said Cara, who has a Masters degree in art therapy from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, “art is a way to express—and accept—complex feelings in a visual way.” And that is precisely what she hopes participants get out of her art therapy sessions. “Organizing your feelings on a page helps you make sense of them in a way. It can be cathartic to get them all out.”

In addition to individual sessions, Cara holds virtual sessions for groups of all ages. Groups are beneficial to connect with others over a shared experiences, she said. 

To make an appointment with Cara please call 212-851-5494. The art therapy program is made possible through the generosity of our donors. To support the program please click here.

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