Balance, Yoga and Barre:
“It’s Almost like having an Advantage"

Balance. Yoga. Barre—three words that Lauren Castille, a Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center patient lives by.  Entrepreneurial at 29, Lauren is co-owner of a small fitness studio near Penn Station in Manhattan called Balance.Yoga.Barre (BYB). There, you can find a roster of classes in Pilates, Yoga and the Barre method without having to pay health club prices.  

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) at the age of 12, Lauren has been interested in fitness and health for as long as she can remember, so the transition to teaching others was an easy one.  “Having diabetes forces you to be health conscious,” she said of her interest in three different exercise regimens. “It’s almost like having an advantage.”

Born and raised in St Louis, Lauren encountered her first BYB studio as an undergraduate studying theatre arts and opera at Oklahoma City University. She immediately fell in love with the studio, the classes, the instructors and the community. Lauren began teaching classes in 2014, and when she and her husband Erick decided to move to New York two years ago, the owner of BYB asked if she wanted to open a franchise. Now, Lauren’s goal is to open up a second studio in New York sometime next year.

Once she moved to New York, Lauren discovered the Berrie Center through a friend, and, said she, “I couldn’t believe a place like it exists.”  She is impressed by the educational component at the Center—everything from the classes offered to the Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) who work one-on-one with patients, like Lauren, who struggle to control their T1D—in Lauren’s case, in spite of a super-healthy lifestyle. She is particularly impressed with the care and commitment her own team (Jackie Salas, MD is her endocrinologist and Courtney Melrose, her CDE) has shown her. Recently, with Lauren’s approval, Dr. Salas placed a call to Erick, Lauren’s husband, just to tell him how positive she was that Lauren would soon be on the right track with her diabetes management.

Throughout her hectic life, Lauren keeps a positive attitude. “I could have it a whole lot worse.” In fact, she added, “In a lot of ways, diabetes has made me a better person.”

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