There’s news. And then there’s news. The news that comes out of the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center can change lives. For people with diabetes and those who care for them, and about them. So it makes sense to stay on top of all the latest. Both the news the Center puts out through this site, and the frequent media coverage we get based on our important and exciting findings and the authoritative voices that speak for us.

Covid-19 Vaccine Update

Covid-19 vaccine distribution and administration is continuing to progress. We are awaiting clarification from New York State regarding when patients with diabetes will be eligible to receive the vaccine.

Berrie Center Scientist Investigates Obesity and Covid-19 What's the Connection?

Obesity is a risk factor for severe Covid-19 and a Berrie Center scientist has made a connection between brain cell “cilium”—the tiny little antennae that regulate weight—and the cilium that line the airways and expel mucous from the body.

Meeting Your Diabetes Goals in 2021

Diabetes takes hard work and teamwork on behalf of patients, families, doctors and educators. The Berrie Center aims to empower patients and families to live successfully with diabetes and also to help them understand the expectations of what it takes to take control of the disease. 

Healthy Treats for the Holidays by Dr. Ileana Vargas

Making healthy desserts for the holidays can be tricky as we are lured toward very low carb recipes due to our concerns about increasing blood sugars, but instead could be adding many unhealthy ingredients such as oils high in saturated fats especially omega 6 fatty acids, as well as adding non-n

The Covid-19 Vaccine: Information for Berrie Center Patients

The Pfizer and BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine has recently been approved for use in the US. The Moderna vaccine is likely to be approved as well. The vaccines appear to have excellent safety and efficacy, including in the subgroup of research volunteers who have diabetes.

Standardized Testing and Type 1 Diabetes

Test taking can be stressful and it can be hard to predict blood sugars on testing days.  It is very reasonable to request accommodations for test taking in school and for all standardized tests. The Berrie Center receives many requests for letters for accommodations for the ACT and SAT.

Arianna Gehan Talks Test Day Prep

Berrie Center patient Arianna Gehan is a hard-working freshman at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. She took a minute out of her busy schedule to reflect back on her experience taking the SATs.

Making the Right Food Choices on Test Day Dr. Ileana Vargas Shares Her Picks

Berrie Center experts agree the best way to start a major test day is with a healthy, low carb breakfast. For students with type 1 diabetes, food choice is directly linked to performance and focus.