Covid-19 Q&A:
Dr. Natasha Leibel Addresses the Latest News

Is a caretaker (i.e. mother, father, nanny) of a person with diabetes eligible for the vaccine at this stage? 

We advise that you follow where your state is currently regarding who is eligible; this is continuously evolving. It is very possible that many mothers, fathers and nannies and more are now eligible. 

Can the Berrie Center make an appointment for me?

The Berrie Center might be able to assist some patients that are having difficulty making appointments. We advise calling the Berrie Center if you find yourself unable to locate a vaccine at this point. 

Can my family travel on a plane if my child hasn’t been vaccinated? 

Travel remains a more high-risk endeavor. Yes, children can travel but they must wear masks, stay socially distanced, and wash hands frequently. Double masking is a good idea when traveling. 

When can I start coming back into the office for visits? 

Now! If you would like your next visit to be in person just let the front desk know when you call to schedule the appointment.  We are also continuing to do video visits. 

Should I allow my child to play on a sports team this Spring? 

Physical activity and socializing are very important for childhood development. We advise that your child try to keep to his or her normal activities as much as possible with ongoing safety precautions such as mask wearing and being socially distanced when feasible. Outdoor activities have the added benefit of lower virus transmission. 

Should I wait for a particular brand of Vaccine? 

No! Get the first vaccine you are offered. All 3 vaccines available have shown phenomenal efficacy against severe illness and hospitalization.  The only vaccine for children ages 16-18 years is current the Pfizer vaccine.

When will my child be eligible for the vaccine?

Currently the vaccine is only approved for children ages 16 and older, and as mentioned above, if you are between the ages of 16-18 only the Pfizer vaccine is available.  There are ongoing studies in children ages 12 years and older, possibly by this spring/summer more data will be available for when this age group will be vaccinated. For children under the age of 12 years, vaccination will not likely be before end of 2021 or beginning of 2022. 

Do I still need to wear a mask and socially distance after I am vaccinated? 

Yes! We still need to proceed with caution. It has not been definitively shown that once a person is vaccinated that he or she cannot still transmit the virus. Until CDC guidelines are updated regarding any changes for those who have been vaccinated, people should still wear masks and distance.