Dealing with Diabetes

When we last left Berrie Center patient and CNN/Money correspondent Cristina Alesci, she had just been diagnosed with type1 diabetes (T1D) while in the middle of reporting a 4-part series on food called “Raw Ingredients”. Now, in a story titled “Dealing with Diabetes,” Cristina opens up to CNN about that experience—and much more.

In a 3-minute segment, Cristina, who travels the country for her job at the cable news network, talks about what it was like to learn about diabetes—including how to inject herself with insulin, “on the fly, in plane bathrooms during turbulence.” Recalled Cristina: “It was tough, but I’m glad I did it under the most stressful of circumstances possible, because it only got easier.”

Cristina takes us on a tour of her work-space—“I’ve had to rearrange my life for diabetes, and my desk as well,” she smiles—including her “go low drawer” where she stashes carbs in the form of snacks and juices to raise her blood sugar.

“I’m approaching this challenge like I’ve approached a lot of others in my life,” she said. “I’m going to love it and embrace it, knowing it will only make me stronger.” 

Click here to watch how Cristina Alesci is Dealing With Diabetes.