Domenico Accili, MD, 'A Scientist’s Scientist'
Wins Banting Medal for Scientific Achievement

Congratulations to Domenico Accili, MD, the recipient of the American Diabetes Association’s 2017 Banting Medal for Scientific Achievement, the Association's highest honor. The Banting Medal recognizes outstanding, long-term contributions to the understanding, treatment or prevention of diabetes.

Dr. Accili was recognized with this honor during the Association's 77th Scientific Sessions on Jun 9 to 13 at the San Diego Convention Center. He delivered the prestigious Banting Medal Lecture, titled "The New Biology of Diabetes," on Sunday, June 11.

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Currently, the Russell Berrie Foundation Professor of Diabetes, Chief of the Endocrinology Division and Director of the Diabetes Research Center at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Accili is highly regarded for transformative findings that have advanced our understanding of the pathogenesis, or causes and development, of type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Accili has contributed to more than 230 publications and has a body of work that reflects significant, paradigm-shifting discoveries that hold promise for translating novel approaches for diabetes prevention and care. His research has delved into the integrated physiology of insulin action, and mechanisms of pancreatic beta cell failure.

Some of Dr. Accili's most important contributions have been in the area of pancreatic beta cell biology, specifically in demonstrating that beta cell failure, long held to be a consequence of cell death, can result from a dedifferentiation process. Through this process, beta cells lose the ability to make insulin, revert to a progenitor stage, and convert to other hormone-producing cells. Dr. Accili is also known for his work to elucidate mechanisms of hepatic glucose production and enteroendocrine cell differentiation. 

Said Berrie Center Co-Director, Rudy Leibel, MD, and the Christopher J. Murphy Memorial Professor of Diabetes Research: "This award explicitly endorses (Dr. Accili's) international stature as one of the most important clinician-scientists currently working towards insights into islet biology that will permit definitive interventions in all incarnations of diabetes. he wears his encyclopedic knowledge of this field lightly but has used it to generate seminal discoveries and to train an outstanding cohort of acolytes who work throughout the world. Mimmo is -  in all regards - 'a scientists' scientist.'