A Gymnast at 11
“The Sky’s the Limit”

D’Jordyn Mobley an 11-year-old Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center patient, is a natural born gymnast. “When we walked to the store, she would literally flip down the street,” said her mother, Charlié Buckner, who put D’Jordyn in a gymnastics program when she was 8 years old. By the time she was 10, she was the 2017 New York State Champion in her age group for tumbling and trampoline.

Nothing has stopped D’Jordyn’s passion for gymnastics—including her type 1 diabetes (T1D), a diagnosis she received at 3-and-a-half years old. While it hasn’t always been easy—“there was a lot that she and I had to learn together,” said Charlié—neither has it prevented her from reaching her potential in the gym. In fact, says her mom, “Her life in itself proves that there are no restrictions, that the sky’s the limit for people with T1D.”

D’Jordyn’s commitment to gymnastics is impressive. She competes regionally with the Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation and practices three days a week (from September to June, 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm) at the Armory in Harlem. This summer, D’Jordyn attended Wendy Hilliard gymnastics camp, a 5-day a week, 6 hours a day undertaking for the aspiring and devoted like D’Jordyn. “I like that I can throw my body anywhere and everywhere,” said D’Jordyn about gymnastics.  “It’s very fun.” 

Thanks to her care team at the Berrie Center, where Natasha Leibel, MD, is currently her pediatric endocrinologist, D’Jordyn started wearing an insulin pump, with success, just three months after her diagnosis. (“That totally changed the game for us,” said Charlié). Today, D’Jordyn also wears a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), which works extremely well for her. “Before she even feels it, she gets the alert that she’s going low,” said Charlié. “I get an alert too, so if she’s in her room and in distress, I can go in and correct the issue. It’s amazing how far we’ve come with technology since the beginning, which for us, was 7 years ago.”  

No one will be surprised if D’Jordyn spends the next 7 years following her dream—to go to the Olympics. “She’s a strong little something,” said Charlié about her daughter. “She feels like she can do anything.”

Added Dr. Leibel, “Jordyn works so hard at her diabetes management as well as her gymnastics. It’s inspiring to see her excel.”