Jamie Hyatt, RN: A Journey From Diabetes Camp to the Berrie Center

There is a new face on the Type 1 clinical research team at the Berrie Center: research nurse Jamie Hyatt. She comes to the Berrie Center from the International Diabetes Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a wealth of knowledge about diabetes research and diabetes technology.

Jamie’s journey in diabetes started seven years ago at diabetes camp for children in North Dakota. Early in her career, Jamie was eager to utilize her nursing skills in a meaningful way, and applied for a job at a diabetes camp. When she got the job, she could have never predicted what was to come.

“I had one of the best baptisms by fire ever,” she said. “From the moment I arrived I started learning how to look at pumps, read sensors, figure out dosing and help the children adjust to being at camp. I hung out in the pump room, asked a lot of questions, and received a lot of guidance from the medical director at the camp.”

This experience would forever shape the trajectory of her career. The fulfillment and knowledge Jamie gained by working with children with diabetes led her to build her credentials in diabetes while working as a nurse in other areas.

When she went to work at the International Diabetes Center her interest in research studies and clinical trials truly flourished. “This experience was another example of learning on the job. I was in charge of a number of pediatric studies and given a lot of responsibility from the start. I felt very comfortable in this role. It steered me towards focusing on research.”

In early 2020, Jamie and her husband decided it was time to make a change. She applied for research positions around the country and when an opportunity arose for a research nurse coordinator at the Berrie Center, she went for it. The possibility of moving to New York City felt like the ultimate adventure so Jamie eagerly accepted when an offer came from Robin Goland, MD, Co-Director, Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center and J. Merrill Eastman Professor of Clinical Diabetes at Columbia University.

“It’s a little overwhelming but also exciting,” said Jamie about her move to the East coast. “I am excited to chat with people on the street and learn what it’s like to be a New Yorker. Plus, there’s great food everywhere!”