Kristen Williams, MD, Addresses NYC School Nurses

Pediatric endocrinologist Kristen Williams, MD, recently answered the call to the Berrie Center from the New York City Department of Education to address a gathering of system-wide school nurses on the general topic of type 1 diabetes (T1D). From the history of the disease to the current delivery systems for insulin, Dr. Williams, on hand for professional development day for school nurses, offered a comprehensive refresher course intended to answer questions, disseminate information and offer advice to the nurses who take care of children with T1D when they are at school.

“Our clinicians at the Berrie Center are always happy to be involved,” said Dr. Williams. “We see ourselves as collaborators with school nurses to make sure that children with T1D have a positive experience and a safe learning environment. ”

Dr. Williams said that she could tell by the great questions and their eagerness to participate in the discussion, that nurses aspire to the same general goals as clinicians at the Berrie Center—to improve the lives of schoolchildren with diabetes.   

“It’s clear that school nurses want to learn about T1D and want to take an active role in their students’ lives,” said Dr. Williams. “It takes a team to insure that children with diabetes have a positive academic and social experience at school and nurses are great team players.”