Life’s a Podcast with Pancreas Pals

Move over Kathy Lee and Hoda and make room for the Pancreas Pals—two funny gals in their early 20s (“diabesties”) who turned their hectic lives with type 1 diabetes (T1D) into a humor-filled weekly podcast covering such timely topics as “Traveling with the Betes” and “Coping with the Common Cold.”

Pancreas Pals is the brainchild of Berrie Center patient Emily Goldman, an assistant editor and fashion blogger and Christie Leist, a public relations professional, who found each other in a multimedia journalism class at Boston University last year, and a friendship (and podcast) was born.

Said Christie, “I find it so helpful to talk to someone that that understands your highs and lows—literally. When I need a second opinion about treating a blood sugar issue, sympathy for a crumby diabetic day or just a good rant session with someone who GETS IT, I turn to (Emily) my Pancreas Pal. We want to expand this network.”

The Pancreas Pals podcasts can be heard on iTunes or at www.pancreaspals.com.

They are chock full of advice and colorful anecdotes, on all things T1D-related. One episode (“Dammit Grandma, I’m diabetic”) is devoted to testing your blood sugar and taking insulin shots in public and “fighting the stigma.” In a segment on debunking myths—i.e. can people with T1D eat sugar, does it hurt to have diabetes—the women tackle everything from the difference between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes to drinking alcohol and working out with diabetes.

Christie, who was diagnosed in her teens and Emily, who was diagnosed (first incorrectly) at college, are also hoping to collect as many stories they can about other people’s diagnoses.

“This is truly an effort to connect young adults in the Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) community,” added Emily. “That includes those with T1D, friends, family members and concerned strangers who want to learn more about the disease. Also, this is truly meant to be a fun thing. We’re surviving and (sometimes) thriving, and want to share our lols and trials and tribulations with those who want to listen.”