Making the Right Food Choices on Test Day
Dr. Ileana Vargas Shares Her Picks

Berrie Center experts agree the best way to start a major test day is with a healthy, low carb breakfast. For students with type 1 diabetes, food choice is directly linked to performance and focus. Keeping blood sugars stable means more time to focus on the exam, and less time spent worrying about highs and lows. 

“The key is stable blood sugar for a prolonged period as these exams are usually two and half to 3 hours long,” said Dr. Ileana Vargas. “Stable blood sugars improve concentration and ideally test scores.”  

A well-balanced breakfast will total around 300 calories and contain complex carbohydrates (including fiber), protein, and a little bit of healthy fats. The combination of these nutrients will keep you full and energized all morning long! 

Here are three recipes that Dr. Vargas recommends for breakfast on test day:

Frozen Veggie Frittata

Veggie Scromblet

Egg on the go sandwich