Please Help the Wonderful Front Desk Staff and Medical Assistants at the Berrie Center

The Berrie Center’s team of essential workers are nothing short of miracle workers. This special team of women and men continue to come to the Berrie Center to make sure you are safe. In this time of uncertainty, they are making sure you have uninterrupted access to your medication and medical equipment, and that you are able to seamlessly connect with your care team. They are true heroes.

We are currently staffing the Berrie Center with a small rotating on-site group backed up by the majority of staff working from home.  Many of our staff travel to the Berrie Center from a long distance in order to help care for our patients, so we aim to have the smallest number of on-site staff possible as necessary to meet the needs of our patients.

Please help ease the burden on our limited on-site staff by taking the following steps to reduce phone calls to the Berrie Center:

  1. Avoid calling the front desk unless you need to speak to someone immediately.  Use email or MyChart whenever possible.
  2. Use MyChart to send messages to front desk staff and to request or change appointments.
  3. Email berrierx@cumc.columbia.edu to request prescription refills.

Calls to the Berrie Center will now be answered by a voice-mail directing callers to press 1 for appointments, press 2 for prescriptions, and to stay on the line to speak to a receptionist.

We appreciate your assistance in this effort to reduce the calls.

“The Berrie Center team is working around the clock to make sure our patients continue to receive the highest quality diabetes care during this pandemic. I am incredibly proud of this wonderful team at this unprecedented time,” said Robin Goland, MD, Co-Director, Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center and J. Merrill Eastman Professor of Clinical Diabetes at Columbia University.



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