Preparing For Your Berrie Center Video Visit: Follow These Essential Steps

During the Coronavirus pandemic Berrie Center office visits are being converted to Video Visits.  Video Visits are a very effective and easy way to meet with your doctor and diabetes educator, and it is a good time to check in and let us help you with your diabetes management.

To schedule a Video Visit, send a message to your doctor through Connect or call our office.

Your Berrie Center care team is working hard to make sure that every minute of your Video Visit is beneficial. In order to be fully prepared for your upcoming Video Visit, please take the following steps:

1. Register for the online Connect portal: https://www.myconnectnyc.org/MyChart/accesscheck.asp

An active Connect account is REQUIRED for you to have a video visit. If you have trouble with signing up reach out to Connect Technical Support. Connect Tech Support is available between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Mondays through Fridays at 646-962-4200.

2. Once you are registered in Connect, download the MyChart app on your phone. The MyChart app is required to participate in a Video Visit. Please note that at this time Video Visits MUST be done on your phone: either an iPhone or Android.  They cannot be done on your computer.

3. Upload your insulin pump and/or continuous glucose monitor data at least one day prior to your visit. Your Dexcom should be connected to CLARITY and be shared with the Berrie Center. If your Dexcom is NOT connected please email berrierx@cumc.columbia.edu for a sharing code.

The Berrie Center has detailed instructions here on how to upload your all of your devices. In addition this handy chart will help you identify all the supplies you will need for this process. For other specific questions, please contact your pump or CGM company directly and they can assist you with this process. At least one week prior to your visit, we advise that you do a test run to practice uploading your pump and CGM. 

4. Generate a PDF of your insulin pump and/or CGM report and email it directly to your physician or diabetes educator at least one day prior to your appointment. If you do not know the email address of your doctor or diabetes educator please reach out to the front desk.

 The more prepared you are, the more we can accomplish together. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding in this challenging time. Please reach out to us if you are having any difficulty with these steps in advance of your appointment.