Prescription Refill Requests
Policy Update

Prescription refill requests are filled Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm, please do not make requests outside of these hours.

To request a refill please make sure ALL of the following information is clearly documented in your email to berrierx@cumc.columbia.edu:

1) Patient name
2) Patient DOB
3) Phone number where you can be reached
4) Exact name, exact address AND phone number of pharmacy
5) Exact medication name and delivery method: insulin requests MUST SPECIFY vial, pen or cartridge. Exact name of test strip. For needles brand, syringe or pen tip, size. For any oral medications exact dosage taken
6) 30 or 90 day supply
7) Name of Berrie Center MD

Please note at this time that Prior Authorizations for additional supplies in excess of your normal prescription cannot be done.

We appreciate your understanding and compliance with these instructions.