A Strength-based Art Project
Empowers Young Girls at the Berrie Center

And the trophies go to…10, 7 to 11-year-old girls who participated in the inaugural Art Therapy for Girls Group run by Cara Lampron, the Coordinator of the new Therapeutic Arts program at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center.

Cara gave the art directive to each young patient (create a trophy for yourself of something you are proud of) and for the next hour and a half the girls went to work on creating individual symbols of their pride—cobbled together with Model Magic, wood chips, glitter, paint and glue.

“Dealing with diabetes can be tough stuff,” said Cara, “so I wanted the art project to be team building and strength based and to focus on positive coping and accomplishment. It ended up being amazing and a good screen for what kids were going through at school and at home.”

The girls had lots to be proud of as it turned out, added Cara. “One little girl was just proud of having type 1 diabetes (T1D) for two years and getting through it.”  Most trophies were indeed mini-monuments to how accomplished and proud the girls felt for being able to take care of their own T1D. “Different trophy themes emerged,” said Cara, “including standing up against bullies, checking blood sugars, caring for aspects of diabetes independently which led to discussions about race, teasing, and feeling different.”

Boys will have their turn at trophy making in May at their inaugural art therapy group—and the girls will also be back on April 4 by popular demand. If your child would be interested in participating in an art group contact Cara at  berrieevents@cumc.columbia.edu.

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