Tips for Living with Diabetes:
What to do if Your Pump Stops Working

If you are getting error alarms on your pump or it stops working altogether:

  •  Call your pump company to troubleshoot. 
  •  The phone number for the pump company is on the back of your pump.
  •  If your pump breaks, take Lantus or Levemir immediately. How do you figure out your lantus/levemir dose? Calculate total daily basal insulin and round up.
  •  Keep a copy of pump settings so you can set your new pump when it arrives.
  •  If you need help re-programming your new pump, call the pump company for assistance.
  •  Remember Lantus/Levemir works for 24 hours so restart the basal rate 24 hours after the last Lantus/Levemir dose was given. 

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