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Berrie Center Co-Director Rudolph Leibel, MD

Named a 2017 Mentor of the Year by CUMC

Congratulations to Berrie Center Co-Director Rudolph Leibel, MD, who was recently recognized by Columbia University Medical Center as a 2017 Mentor of the Year for his outstanding guidance and support of students, fellows and faculty.

June, 2017 e-newsletter

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Dr. Domenico Accili wins the Banting Award

Berrie Center helps drive new policy in NY schools for kids with diabetes

Pancreas Pals: A podcast for Millennials with diabetes

New guidelines for exercising with type 1 diabetes

Berrie Center Families and Clinicians

Help Change Laws Regarding Diabetes Management in Schools

For nearly two decades, New York families of children with diabetes were often met with resistance when attempting to advise their child’s school nurse about insulin dose adjustments during the school day.

Clinical Profile of James Pring:

The Sawdust Scientist

“If Clark Kent decided to retire, you wouldn’t just hire one person to replace him,” said the affable James Pring, who recently joined the staff of the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center to take over some of the responsibilities left behind by recent retiree Patricia Kringas. Pat headed up the type 2 diabetes (T2D) clinical research team at the Berrie Center for 17 years. 

The Berrie Center Hosts

6th Annual New York City Regional Diabetes Research Meeting

The Berrie Center recently hosted the 6th annual New York City Regional Diabetes Research Meeting, which brings together local scientists with common research interests and goals. The purpose of the Meeting is to promote interactions, share information and support new investigators.

Domenico Accili, MD, 'A Scientist’s Scientist'

Wins Banting Medal for Scientific Achievement

Congratulations to Domenico Accili, MD, the recipient of the American Diabetes Association’s 2017 Banting Medal for Scientific Achievement, the Association's highest honor. The Banting Medal recognizes outstanding, long-term contributions to the understanding, treatment or prevention of diabetes.

Life’s a Podcast with Pancreas Pals

Move over Kathy Lee and Hoda and make room for the Pancreas Pals—two funny gals in their early 20s (“diabesties”) who turned their hectic lives with type 1 diabetes (T1D) into a humor-filled weekly podcast covering such timely topics as “Traveling with the Betes” and “Coping with the Common Cold.”

The Type 2 Journey:

Building Community at the Berrie Center

The Berrie Center recently hosted two successful events (dubbed The Type 2 Diabetes Journey) to foster community building among the Berrie Center’s T2D patients and their families.

May, 2017 e-newsletter

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The 2017 Diabetes Research Panel

New initiative explores obesity-brain connection

The type 1 diabetes (T1D) research team

“Mindful Eating”: food for thought

An interview with Courtney Sahn, RD, CDE