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Winter Fun for Berrie Center Teens

The Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center recently welcomed 15 teenagers with type 1 diabetes (T1D) to the annual winter program, a whirlwind of fun and empowering activities that this year included an afternoon at The Ailey School with teaching artists from the Ailey Arts in Education & Community Programs, where the teens learned dance from some of the best modern dancers...

Department of Ophthalmology Profiles Berrie Center’s Dan Casper

“Ophthalmology is one of those fields that can encompass all of medicine,” said the Berrie Center’s Dan Casper, in a new video interview published online by the Department of Ophthalmology at Columbia University Medical Center. “There are many effects that can be seen on the eye from systemic diseases, like diabetes, hypertension, rheumatologic conditions like lupus.

The Transition Program at The Berrie Center:

“To Empower Patients into Adulthood”

When does a pediatric patient with diabetes transition to the adult diabetes care team? That is a question usually answered by the pediatrician together with patients and families.

Dealing with Diabetes

When we last left Berrie Center patient and CNN/Money correspondent Cristina Alesci, she had just been diagnosed with type1 diabetes (T1D) while in the middle of reporting a 4-part series on food called “Raw Ingredients”.

A Survey for Young Adults on the Management of T1D

Calling all 18 to 30-year-old patients at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center to participate in a study entitled “Strengths and Challenges for Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)."  The purpose of the study is to learn how childhood experiences, and current challenges and strengths affect diabetes management in young adults with T1D.

Zoe Targoff, 13, Raises

$40,000 for Berrie Center to Help Those in Need

“It’s not just a doctor’s office for me,” said Zoe Targoff, a New York City 7th grader, about her decision to encourage her friends and family to donate, in lieu of gifts, to the Berrie Center for her Bat Mitzvah. All told, Zoe raised an extraordinary $40,000 for the Center where she has been a type 1 diabetes (T1D) patient since the age of three.

The Berrie Center’s Caroline Bohl on Yoga and Diabetes

"It's Great for Beginners"

Many of you may know Caroline Bohl as a Berrie Center dietitian and diabetes educator. But did you know that on weekends, Caroline practices what she preaches to her patients about health and wellness—by teaching yoga on Long Island where she lives.

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