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A New Explanation for Pancreatic Beta Cell Failure in Type 2 Diabetes

Creative Video Interprets the Findings

Check out this clever new video that explains one of the type 2 diabetes research projects being conducted at the Berrie Center in the lab of Domenico Accili, MD, which was presented in the article "Pancreatic Beta Cell Dedifferentiation as a Mechanism of Diabetic Beta Cell Failure" published in the scientfic journal Cell last fall.

Conner Ives, 17

"Diabetes Doesn't Limit Me"

It’s not that he keeps it quiet, but only his close friends and family know that Conner Ives has type 1 diabetes (T1D). Most people know Conner, 17, because they’ve read about his amazing talent.

Summer and Diabetes:

What You May Not Already Know

What do people with diabetes need to know (that they may not know already) about getting through the summer months with diabetes?  We posed that question to Berrie Center pediatric endocrinologist, Mary Pat Gallagher, MD, and here is her list of things you may want to consider during the summer—especially if your child has type 1 diabetes:

Birthday Cake:

To Have or Have Not?

That is the question frequently asked of Berrie Center Clinicians—often by parents of recently diagnosed children with type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Clinical Profile: Dr. Matthew Freeby, Adult Endocrinologist

A Rich Clinical Environment and Amazing Research Projects

Dr. Matthew Freeby, MD, an adult endocrinologist and the Hunter Eastman Scholar of Translational Diabetes Research, grew up in what he described as, “a small sleepy town in the cornfields outside of Davis, California.” He enjoyed the stability of living in a small community and the enrichment of being near a large university - the University of California at Davis. “I felt lucky,” recalled Dr....

Maxwell Chosed, 7

Excelling at Life with Type 1 Diabetes

Scott and Sabrina Chosed remember the day four years ago at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center when Mary Pat Gallagher, MD, their son’s pediatric endocrinologist, looked at them and said: “He is going to live a completely normal life.”

The Clinical Case Conference:

Solving Diabetes Mysteries

On this particular Tuesday, a group of clinicians and scientists convened to discuss the challenging case of an 18-year-old who was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Soon after his diagnosis at an outside hospital, he came to the Berrie Center for a second opinion, and arrived in such a weakened state that he needed a wheel chair to get out of the car and up to the office.