Our Clinical & Translational Diabetes Studies

The Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center was designed from the very start to shorten the distance between advances in research and our diabetes patients. Everything about research at the Center is dedicated to shrinking the gap between scientific research and its practical application—so as to raise the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes to new levels.

"...Many people who are anxious to lose weight don't fully understand what the consequences are going to be... They are trying to buck a biological system that is programmed to try to make it hard for them to keep off any weight they lose."

Rudolph Leibel, MD
Co-Director, diabetes researcher and professor, has been researching the body's response to weight loss for 25 years.

Translational research involves teams of specialists in many disciplines working together. Internationally known physician-scientists work closely with both clinicians and basic scientists. They also work with our clinical trials staff led by clinical research coordinators who are guided by decades of experience in bringing discoveries “from the bench to the bedside.”