What children need to know about diabetes (and eating)

For a child, the idea of a chronic disease may take a lot of getting used to. The Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center is here to smooth the path for the patient and family alike. So along with the medical care there are classes, workshops and one-on-one training sessions—all carefully lined up based on our assessment of what a child needs to know and is ready for.

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Exploring new ways to plan—and eat—snacks and meals

One of the biggest hurdles for a child diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes is the need to learn new eating habits. Ways of eating they can follow not just at home, but at school, at birthday parties and sleepovers, without calling a lot of attention to themselves.

The Pediatric Diabetes Education Program: Carb Talk

The good news: eating with diabetes isn’t about going to a special corner of the supermarket and picking packages labeled “sugar-free” or “diabetic.” It’s about eating a healthy diet, with a balance of carbohydrate, starches, sugars, protein and fat. At the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center, we make that part easy. Our nutritionist draws up flexible guidelines just for your child, based on the child’s individual growth, developmental needs and personal food preferences.

A child learns that carbohydrates are a good energy source because the body breaks them down into sugar. Children with diabetes need carbohydrates, which must be eaten in balance with insulin.

Your child’s meal plan is based on knowing the carbohydrate content of foods and teaching both patient and family how to count carbs.

Berrie Center Pediatric Nutrition Hotsheets

For Important Diabetes Nutrition Information, please read the attached information. You’ll find these summaries helpful and portable for you and, depending on their age, for your young know-it-all, too.

The Basic Principle of Carbohydrate Counting
Important Diabetes Nutrition Information 
Breakfast Combination for Kids
Packing Healthy Lunches for Kids
Let’s Eat Cake
Super Snacks Handout
Very Low Carb Snacks
Tips for a Healthy Breakfast
Carbohydrate Content of Foods
Carb Counting Gluten-Free
Calculating Carbohydrates in Recipes